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Coming Soon in September: Traditional Hatha Yoga Training in Lombok

Updated: 3 days ago

Hatha Yoga Training

We need a practice that could bring us closer to our core. More than ever, today's modern world is grabbing our attention outward. The mind needs constant stimulation, and we're made to believe that as individuals, we can't make decisions for ourselves. We start to lose our confidence and look outside for validation to make us feel whole.

I don't believe that.

As human beings, we are already whole. Our core is flawless. We just forget about it because the mind is always looking outside, rarely inside. There are layers of doubt, insecurity, self-judgment, and self-limiting beliefs that cover our soul.

So how are we going to come back to our core, have confidence in ourselves, and be free from suffering?

The ancient teachings of yoga already have all the answers for that; you just need to look deeper. Hatha Yoga, as one of the ancient systems of Yoga, is a set of knowledge in managing energy. It's a preparatory practice for higher practices like Raja Yoga. By managing our energy through different tools like asana, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, and mantras, we can start to eliminate all those layers that cover our soul and bring balance to our energy channels, the Ida and Pingala nadis. When that harmony is achieved, the awakening of great power will happen in the human body. We become healthy, confident, balanced, and thriving human beings. No matter what our profession is, we will excel in all areas of our life.

This is what the training is all about. It's about learning an ancient science that will remind you that you're already whole. Everything that you're looking for is already inside you. This practice has been passed down for generations, from teachers to students in an unbroken lineage. It means that what you're about to learn has been practiced and proven effective by masters and those who came before us.

You will learn how to manage your energy through a deep understanding of the energetics of Asana, the Five Prana Vayus, the Five unlocked mantras, and Kriya meditation. You will also learn what Tantric philosophy is, its connection with Hatha Yoga, and discover the myths around it.

Ultimately, you will confidently integrate these teachings into your daily life and, as a yoga teacher, seamlessly share them.

If this sounds just like what you're looking for, the details about this training is on this link: but feel free to ask me anything directly. So we have a chance to connect. I'll be more than happy to chat with you about it.

Simply reply to this email and I'll catch up with you soon :)

Warmest regards,


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