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Traditional Hatha Yoga Bali

Meet Dea Putri

Dea is a traditional hatha yoga teacher based in Bali, Indonesia, and has been teaching yoga since 2018. She began practicing yoga 14 years ago in her hometown of Jakarta but had no idea at the time that yoga was a spiritual science that could change her life. All she knew was that yoga was her safe haven, an oasis where she could find peace and tranquility in the midst of the hustle and bustle of big city life. She continues to deepen and expand her yoga practice in Bali, where she has completed several yoga teacher trainings and has been teaching for the past 5 years, both in Bali and Jakarta.


After learning about the various types of yoga available today, she is certain that the only way to see yoga is as a spiritual practice. To find connection between the body, the energy and the mind, on and off the mat. And to reap those full benefits of yoga, she must engage in a complete practice involving asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras, and more. That is her belief, and it is reflected in her teaching.

She also believes that everyone can fulfill their spiritual needs while living day-to-day life in this world. Whether you have a corporate job, are an artist, a scientist, or a yoga teacher, with the commitment to practice and learn, the Divine will always shower their love and guidance on everyone. No one is left behind.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

The teaching offered by Dea is coming from the ancient lineage of the Himalayan Masters in a systematic methodology. An unswerving teaching of Traditional Hatha Yoga based on the ancient practice of Parampara (from teacher to student).

Hatha Yoga Bali


Find the connection between the body, the energy and the mind through Traditional Hatha practices.

Hatha Yoga Bali

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Hatha Yoga Bali

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