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Hatha Yoga Bali

Meet Dea Putri

Dea is a Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher based in Bali, Indonesia, and has been teaching since 2018.

She stands out from the majority of yoga teachers due to her profound connection to her Indonesian heritage, infusing her knowledge with rich cultural depths. Rooted in her culture are meditations, rituals, and prayers, each woven into the fabric of her being. Her background in Anthropology and passion for yoga history research, complement her expertise as a yoga teacher.


Furthermore, her extensive training in yoga, totaling over 1000 hours, has refined her skill, allowing her to offer valuable insights in the realms of Yoga, Tantra (Hatha), and Philosophy.


Though she has received extensive training and certifications in yoga, she believes that true wisdom stems from daily practice and the guidance of her teachers. She sees herself as a lifetime student on a journey of continuous learning and evolution. And she doesn't see teaching yoga as a job; it's her dharma, her life purpose. ​

Her goal is to make sure that the true wisdom of yoga is not diluted, and she will keep the tradition alive.

Dea currently resides in Kuta, Lombok. You can join her for in-person practice sessions at Mana Yoga Retreat.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

The teaching offered by Dea is coming from the ancient lineage of the Himalayan Masters in a systematic methodology. An unswerving teaching of Traditional Hatha Yoga based on the ancient practice of Parampara (from teacher to student).



Find the connection between the body, the energy and the mind through Traditional Hatha practices.

Hatha Yoga Bali

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Hatha Yoga Bali

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